I'm a teenager, so REBEL + teenager = is a normal thing. i always felt something not right when i didn't get something or someone not understand my feeling when i need it to understand. why huh? :( so i don't think people around me can stand with me if i shows this bad attitude. thats why when i'm felt pissed, angry or sulk i'll be quiet, and let they know by their self. actually when i'm sulking, it's just i want some attention and need some more love with coaxing me, thats what i want :) not only me, but can says many of girl have same willing. okay back to our topic, i'm rebelled quietly (in heart only) cause i don't wanna be like teenagers nowadays, that escape from home, make some chaos or what. the conclusion is, whose can understand my feeling? i think no one can understand this bad feeling right? haha so let me keep it by my self, so only i'll know how it's feel :)