It's hard to express

Truly i said i can't express my feeling towards you. maybe certain people said, words is nothing. but through words i can say that i love you so much and only you can give me that feeling sayang.

Maybe i've already falling seriously into ur love and i felt that everyday i'm falling to you over and over again. how could you take my heart and won't give it back? but i'm grateful that you're the person. you know what? you're the better man that i ever had, even i said it many times i hope you'll not boring with those words cause it's truly from my heart dear.And i don't want nobody else except you. even your running miles away, i'll find you my cause my heart was with you. don't ever you break my heart *this is warning! every scar i had in me makes me cruel in love, but after i fall into your love. i decide want to change and try be the best and give the best as you do for me :)

Those words above and all i said to you is truth and trust me syg, this is not sweet talking, and i don't want to be a sweet talker. it's automatically come from my heart. and you're the king of my heart MUHAMMAD ARIF SYAHMI