My heart crashed! ;'(

MK, sampai hatii kau buat aku macam niii ;( yessss i know that my heart is a toy. I'm not anyone for you. I'm just like studpiidddd person all this while, ohmaiii ;( only god know how i feel! It's been so long i've wait for you. With hope one day you'll be mine. But now semua dh terjwb, kau mmg bkn utk aku. Kau just nak main-main kan perasaan aku, layan aku and buat aku perasan yang kau betul betul nak kan aku. But the truth is, kau langsung tkda perasaan pn dkt aku, and all the sweeettttt words you gave me are FAKE :'( I HATE YOU FOR REALLLL! You're the one i've ever love before, and now be the person that ever i HATE! I'll forget all about you. Thanks for everything dude. You're good player :)

21 April 2011