Exam week

Starting from today, i had a test 1 at school until this 11march. today i had bm, science and bi paper. there was going smoothly and no problem, but tomorrow i'm not too confident for ict paper. bcause i'm not ready yet, buku pun belum baca. heee. eh eh, tadi mula2 dtg school, ada benda nk crite kat aten, tp tp aten kn dh tkda, adoi ;( hm so td ada prhimpunan so late skit msok class. you guess what? i saw MK! auwww he so handsome with his blazer and his spect todayy, auww i'm so melt and felt wanna scream. aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :DD then then fatin syazwina told deana about this secret that i admire at MK, grrr -.- then she said that she ask deana for send my regards to him, i don't know whether it's true or not, GRRR FATIN! -___- and and she bet with emm that tomorrow, fatin will give my number to MK, if fatin will do so, she will get rm5 from emm. hey! why they make me as victim? grrr memandai2 jee diorang nie. so i don't know what to say, haaa if they do so, i will get ashame, hm taknak dia(MK) tahu ;(


Just now rahmat propose me, butt i can't accept him bcause i thought his just a normal friend and not more than that, so forgive me. i'm sorry.

08 March 2010