Happy 6 months darling ♥

Happy our half of a year anniversary syg! Wehuuu ~ Seems like we happy together and very suit together, awww. Hihi syg, I promise that I'll take care of our relation. I'll love you like I always said, I wish I could be your wife soon bie :D Wish you'll be my boyfriend forever, a guy like you is will never be replace in my heart. There only you who can understand me, even not so well. I very appriciate what you've done all this while for me. What you try to show ur love me towards me, I thanks it a lot syg :* Again I said that I'm lucky to have you in my life! I hope we could through our love journey together syg. Even there are many arguement and cried, we're still together. I know you love me a lot, and so do I darling :)

1 November 2011