Finally, Breaking Dawn #Part 1

I never thought dapat tgk Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn my favourite movie secepat ni. Hihi. Mcm ni cerita dia, Encik Arif Syahmi ni txt me then he said "I got good news for you! :D" Then I said, "What is it?", he said "You'll know tomorrow, its surprise for you". Eleh mamat ni nak rahsia rahsia pulak dari aku, podahh. Time tu tgh marah dgn dia, muehehe :P Okay dah esok nya, pagi pagi lagi dh bgn. Text text then dia taknak bgtahu lagi. Siap suruh masak nasi goreng lagi utk dia, so I thought good news nya dia nak dtg sini utk makan je -,- Err okay. Nasi dh masak, and tunggu dia ada lh jugak lebih kurang 3 jam, and nasi dh sejuk pun tapi still sedap k. Tgk ah sape yg masakkan. Hahaha. Cuaca very bad yesterday, asyik hujan :( Oh howw this could be, hmm dia dh lh naik motor je. Risau lah kan. So takpe laa, tunggu jelah hujan reda. Then dia kata nk smpai dh, dia suruh siap pakai cantik cantik, aik aku dh pelik. Dh kenapa lh mamat ni -,-' K pakai laa cantik cantik. Muahaha :3 Then dia dtg, I'm please him to tell the truth. And he showed me this --->
Oh my goodness! GOD DAMN IT :D Sayang! Thank you very much! I'm speechless for awhile. Wehuuuuuuu ~ You're full of surprise syg, muehehe thats make me love you so much xD But its such a nuisance, poor you bie :( After this don't make this such thing, even you wanna make me happy and I'm happy too much but its such a trouble for you :( Kite taknak susah kan awk laa. What ever it is I love you so much ygg, you always make me happy with a surprise thing :) I APPRICIATE IT A LOT! And I'm enjoyed the movie ;) Breaking Dawn is awesome. Edward is the sweetest guy that've been adore by all girls out there accept me :D I really can't wait for #Part 2. Renesmee such a cutest girl, acting by Mackenzie Foy. Btw thanks a lot love, and again I love you so muchhh :*

29 Nov 2010