What I'm pissed off is..

When I'm talking on phone with him, i can't hear what he's talking about, thats really made me pissed and angry! -.- yes i heard his voice, but i can't hear his words. like want to said "bye" and press off button. HAHA nasib baik sayang. until i said to him just buy a new one lar and this one you can throw away, haha jahat nyaa awek you nie kan :P however, my heart said "is it his phone problem or YOUR phone?" haaaa my phone? hmmm can be also, mungkin hanphone aku yang masalah, handfone stock txting n calling jeeee plus (boleh baling anjing) HAHA weii syg nie mana boleh. and now he's already changed his phone :P hihi sayang sorry eh cakap dkt you mcm tu, jahat kan i nie? :( hmmmm kay i really want to change my currently phone. abahhhhh, i want blackberry for real pleaseeeeeeee. will you buy one for me? :(

Bb bold 2, what I dream forrrrrrrrr ♥