Never say never

HARHAR tadi bosan-bosan bukak lah movie Justin Bieber Never Say Never ni. Masok dalam dunia Justin Bieber kejap tadi ;) Hay not bad lh cerita nya, bestt what :D He's such an interesting and superb telented guy, or teen. But his act like a kid. So cuteeeee, hahaha. What make me proud in this movie is, the teamwork that they build. They work like a one family. So great. Now I can't deny that yes he's the best. Before this I always been asking, whats so special about him. It is just his hair? Or his appearance? Haha but not just that. Plus the most important thing is his voice is toooo nice :)

See, he's too handsome and cute. So no wonder lah girls all over the world crazy of him ;)