Happy Sweet-17 Nurul Ashikin Ramli :)

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Nurul Ashikin,
Happy birthday to me ;)

On 12 am 11 may, theres some different thing happened in my birthday. As live, my boyfriend beside me and said "Happy birthday syg" and he kissed me. Ohmaiiii. The sweeetest thing happened to me ;) No wonder lah beriya-iya nk jumpa haritu, nk bukak kelas tuisyen math katanya, haha bukak dkt bukit ampang yea syg ;) btw thanks for everything, when I'm with you, I felt that I'm being love of someone, and felt that myself is special for you ;) I really love you bie, you're always make me happy. I hope that I'll not lose you :)

11 May 2011