Zulazman Zafri :)

Hay dude, you know what? You're always make me happy, even we're just knew each other you're so sweeeettt for me. hihi. Awak tahu kan, awak ni manja, gedik, sweet, romantik, andd penyayanggg. Auwwww I loike when you gave me all your sweet words. But I hope it's not just a words, and you're already said so. One more that I wish you'll keep your promise and all your words once i accept you kay my dear. I taknak you kecewa kan I like my late boyfriends did to me. My heart will crash again babe, so pleasee kay ;( I hope that you're better one for me, and I will take care of you and love you as you do to me :) I heart you Zulazman Zafri, auww <3

31 March 2011