Syg where are you? :(

Bieeee, why you didn't pick up my calls?? where are you now? ;C I'm waiting for you to text me, don't do this to me ;( If you're already bored with me, just tell me dear.. Hmmmmm I taknak benda yang sama berulang if I couple ;( I takot benda mcm ni lah jadi. Grrrrrr sabar apple, sikit jea ni kau dh menggelabah. Arghhhhh sape tk mnggelabah mcm ni weii? Ttbe menghilang jea, tadii cll then org lain jwb, dia ckp yg bf aku kluar, then ttbe g toilet pulak. Apaa ni! It's truly lie! ;( pleaseeee..
"Dear god..I'm so lonely and I'm tired, I'm missing him. Ohh no ;C"

25 March 2011