I think I wanna marry you ;)

Auwww how sweet my title right? hahaha yeah i think i wanna marry you MK! ♥ But you're someone else ;'( MK, you know right? that you are my sunshine everyday, without you, i felt like there's something missing in me. You're my strength, you're always make me laugh when i sad, you're always advice me in ur good way. You know right that i've been admire you since one year before, i don't think it's a too long time to waiting for you, cause i willing waiting for you until at the end for you to be mine syg. Yessss all i want is YOU, only you. You're my superb dream guy. Once if i get you, i will take care of you my dear, i will change all my bad behaviour just for you, and make that i'm a girl that you want. I try to win your heart in my way, but like i said u're someone's else, so impossible that i can get you. I'm toooo jealous with ur gf, coz he can get the best man in my life. And she so luckyy, not like me, always unlucky in love and always get the wrong person. But now, i'm already grateful couse you always by my side and care about me. I hope that you'll never far from me, i don't know what my life would be without you..