What do you say when I say you biatch?

Here I want to write a bad thing about you. Haaa do i look like i care what you'll say if you read this? Absolutely NOT. First kenal kau mmg lah nmpk baik. but now dah dngar macam2 cerita pasal kau weh. Euww that girl always act like she's the good one, but the truth is NOT! Hay Izzatul Nadia, please mind yourself to be more proper girl, then people will like you. But please don't act like u're the best. Stop cheating people lh weh, kau ingat kau cerita macam2 kau dh bgus lh. Euw! -__- Yaa I know after you read this you will talking shit about me. But I don't care at all. I'm here just want to remind you okay. Last words, I HATE YOU :)