Very HAPPY day!

Hellloooooooooooooooo, sorry coz dh lama tk update blog nie, bit busy lah. ahaha. There's some stories for today, yesterday mse kelas ict teacher zam asked me, mat and mumu follow her to national library today, bcause we got highest mark in ict test. then yg jd pergi today just me, deana, mat and megat, thats a member from form4, then another six students in form5. we're going there for presentation competition sempena program galakan membaca 2010. empat skolah jee yg terpilih for join this compttion. fistly, smpai jee tgk skola laen smua dh smpai, yg ada skolah seri ttwngse, seri ampang and maxwell. nmpk mcm pndai2 jee smua, ape kurang nye kami, HAHA. then breakfirst ape smua, briefing skit blah blahhh. then start lh projek tuu, they give us only 2 half hour je, grr tu pn kelam kabut nk siap kn, then dh siap so kne lh present, school by school, turn skolah i no3. so okay lh, hee. skola maxwell pnya present tk brape best lh, bit bored -___- then seri ampang okay lh skit, after that us, OMG! our presenter made bit mistake in their speech then skola laen bhan2 -.- GRRR tup tup dpt naib johan bhaiii, auwwww really happy :D then johan for this competition is smk seri ttwangsa, congrats guys :) dpt bnyak pngalaman n learnt so many things todayy, it was awesome :D
30 March 2010