It's all about You

Firstly we know each other in a social networking, act i always seen him, but we never talk to each other bcause i'm not really know him. we're just live nearby act. then one day, he asked for my numb in mys, then we met and had a drink. then we story about each other, he story about himself and also me. after that we texting, he advice me a lott to change my feeling towards that stupid boy, i ask him why he do all this, then he said that he started like me and want to be my mine. after i accepted him, he promise that he won't leave me alone, he will love me with all his heart, he will be a very good boyfie to me. i don't know whether it's true or not, i can't believe him for 100% bcause i heard many remours about him, they said that he is a player, cheated and many more. but i'm try to denied it bcause when i looked him with my eyes, he was not like they said, and i'm very confused. hmm. but at that time, i'm not really believe him and can't fully believe him. hm when i got my PMR result, i'm so dissapointed with it. then when i met him, he advice me to be grateful of what u get, then he whisper at my ears then said "baby, you must be grateful of what you get and don't be to easily give up. your journey is too long, don't be sad okay honey, i'm here with you". after that, i'm feel bit released, bcause he already give me a strength. thnx b. i really heart you, even i can't really love you with all my heart, you still understand me.

Then a week after that, suddenly i shock that you delete me from ur acc. you know how i'm feel? i'm so angry and pissed, bcause i thought that is must be something you hide from me. argghhh! then i asked you why you do so, then you give me 1001 excuse, that time i really not believe you at all. when you call me, i'm angry and shout at you. then after arguing, we was not contact each other. hm. do you remember syg? that you teach me how to massage? haha. that time ur back was in pain bcause played a futsal, i really don't know how to massage, then you gave me the oil and teach how to do it. haha then you felt bit released after i'm massage it. haaa hahah. that day we spent time together almost half day and thats a lot sweeet memories between us. hmm but after week we argue and not cntact, i heard that ur "girlfriend" warn me to stay away from you. hey wtf, i don't know where and when that "girlfriend" came and suddenly warn me, she think who she are. huhh -___- i don't know whether he cheated and being unfaithful at my back all this while. hmm idk. after that case, i'm just felt so dissaponted and asking to myself why he do so to me? and why i'm always got this punishment? hmmm. where all ur promises? where is it? u're lying to me! grrr -.- i'm feel like a stupid kiddo sometimes huhhh. how could you do this to me. hmm. i'm just wasting my time all this while coz be with you. hm. now when we bumped each other, i don't want to see his face bcause i'll missing him and our relation ;( hey last nite i dream of you, you said that you miss me, then i'm said that i miss you moreeee! omg why must i dream so? -___- but yeah i ca't lie to myself that i miss him so. END BYEBYE

21 FEB 2010