Thursday morning :)

Okay now time mnunjukkan six in the morning, but i'm still not sleep yet. i'm thinking bout haziq, why tk rep txt and off fon ? hm dia suka mcm nie ;( mayb coz his mad at me AGAIN?! but why? ohh no, i don't think so. hmmm. then already nk dkat pg so i decide mlas lh nk tdo, coz later i, mumu and aten nk pegi jogg. hee bersemangat ohhh :D hahaha dh lma tk berjogging niee, hehe aten lh nie punye suggestion then ktorg follow jelah. but now i'm feel quite sleepy lh, eventhough td baru balek dr pd pick up my sys, she's already start her smester break. hmph and i feel bit tired, pdahal tk buat keje pape pun haha

Now whatt i'm really want to tell you is, I REALLY REALLY MISS MY HAZIQ! bieeeee, i miss you so muchhhh ;(