Hard situation

Last day syafiq ask for number coz nk ajak lpak but i tknk coz that time dh late, then suddenly today dia cll i ajak lpak tonight, then lpak lh dkat kdai mkn just now, then crita2 lh kat dia, i crita2 jugak bout my bf, he thought i single, then after i crita smua dia pun "oh oke". suddenly he ask me like this, "could you accept me as your BF?" gahh i'm really2 shocked that time, then i ask him "why you nak i jd GF you?", then he told me yg dia dh lme admire me, i pn mcm "oh oke" jelah. just now i'm confused samada nk choose dia or haziq ? ;( it's really2 hard desicion, he told me to forget bout haziq coz haziq dh buat mcm nie kat i, dia buat i nie mcm tnggul and bkn mcm gf dia. just now i txt haziq nk tnya apa msalah dia, but like usual lh, mana nk reply txt. hmm ! i'm really tired lh haziq, i tktau samada u still syg kn i lg or tk ? but i guess mcm tk jea, coz if u syg i, u tkkn buat mcm nie right. but i still syg u hmm ;( and now, syfq txt and he ask me like this, "Firstly i nk tnya u and u jwb dgn JUJUR. i tknk dnga TAPI OR ANYTHNG ELSE. i cume nk dnga YES OR NO. hm. would you accept me as your boyfriend?" omg! idk what should i do now ;( huhhhhh! i always ingat, "jangan tinggal kn org yg kita syg untuk org yg kita suka" but if org yg kita syg dh buat kita mcm nie, what else i should do ? ;(