Chill out with family

Last night abah ask nk mkn apa, so i and my sis said "pizza pizza!" hahaha then abh pun belikn. grr gila kembung perutt mkn. after that we're going to nsk selayang buys some groceries. hahhh like usual lh if shopping brg dpur bnyak ye mmg untuk sbulan hee. then after finish buying, i decide nk makan western at kg bru. nyam nyam, lama tk mkn chicken chop dia :D hoho. then abh pun drive lh pegi kg bru, that time ada my sis 2 org, my mom and my beloved abh of coz :) then we all mkn smbil borak, tau lh if ank branak brcerita, then my mom cerita about our sedare mare, and flashback crita2 lma smbil laughing2 haha seronok wehh. after mkn then balek :) GRR and today! i can't waittt for tonight huhu :D it's tonight gonna be a good night or not? hmph we wait and see :)