Outting 030909

Hello friends, here i want to share some story about my dayy. Today i kluaa, kluaa bukan untuk bersuka ria but nak carik contact lens. Firstly ktorang carik whole spectacles outlet in sg wang, arghh nk tercabut jugak lah kaki nii msok satu2 kedai. ahaha, that time dgn mumu and emaa my babyyy :) carikk until we find the one colour that we really want, arghh susah betul nk crik colour tuu. The name of the colour is sterling gray, nahh baru ingat haha. Finally, we find it! :D rm50 oke lah, another outlet ade yg rm40 and 60 but stock hbis, hish.

This is the result when i wear it, haahh lawa tk ? Kelabu kebiru biruan

After that, we separate dgn mumu, dia ikut her sis. Then i dgn ema merayau pegi pavi. Then terjumpa qimmy, haziq semuaa, lepak dgn diorangg until balik, tkda lah bored sgtttt. heeeeeee :) Then just now Emm txt, she says like this "Mmg cun lahh. Hang ta ajak. Ok bye". Aiyokkkk, she mad at me. Hmph, i hope boleh pujok dia until okayy. The end, Goodbye