My beloved boyfiee, SAID FARED <33

19 Mac 2009 - After single for 3 month, finally i was taken by him on this dayy. Yess i do love him.

06 Aug 2009 - We break, i felt really sad and regret because of what i was done ;( I didn't mean it when i said i didn't love you so. I never should have let you go, i didn't know nothingg. And it's all my fault GRR! I was stupid, i was foolish, i was lying to my self. But i'll wait for him and i'm sure that one day he will be mine back. There's ain't nobody better to take ur place babyy.

09 Sept 2009 - I'm in love with him back. The moment that i've been waiting for 1 month and finally i get him back :D I really love him and only him in my heart, no one else.
My dream comes true that i can back together with him for the third times. I don't care what people says, go to hell with them, as long as i happy with my beloved fared :) we're meant to be together syg. Thanks to god. I do love you so much, so much, i promise b :)